Low Flow Shower Heads for the Environment


Low Flow Shower Heads for the EnvironmentA low flow showerhead saves the environment and up to $200 yearly on power and water bills. Previously, it was only possible to either have water saving shower or a great shower. However, with modern technology, it is now possible to have both. Continuous improvements and modern technology has enabled shower head manufacturers to produce shower heads that are more efficient in delivering a great shower feel with less water.

Some editors of sites claim that finding the best low flow shower head is easy at affordable prices but some suggest the advertised flow rate is faked by manufactured. Giving the difficulty ad finding high quality water this is an important question to answer. Most people do not have a choice and have to rely on municipal water supply regardless of the quality and price. With a great low flow shower head, it is now possible to control price and quality.

According to a study conducted by Mayer, an average shower lasts for 8 minutes. The flow rate of water using a standard non-saving shower head is 3.7 gallons per minute. Per shower, the water used stands at 31 gallons. The U.S Environmental protection agency stated that on average, water costs at $2 per 1,000 gallons. With a modern low flow shower head, it is possible to save quite a lot of money.

A low flow shower head is designed with different technologies and techniques such as reduced shower head size and pressure chambers. Low flow shower heads for the environment are designed to deliver a great shower experience while consuming less water. This helps to save water and heating costs. It is also doing the environment a favor by conserving this precious reserve.

Advantages of low flow shower heads

Low Flow Shower Heads for the Environment– Save water. They are wallet friendly and eco friendly thus saving the environment and reducing pain on water bills.

– Save energy. Using less water during a shower means less amount of energy used to heat the water. This reduces the electricity and gas bills.

– Great shower. Designed with modern technology, low flow shower heads give the user a great shower experience while using less water.

How to find the best low flow shower head?

To find the best low flow shower head, the first thing is to check the flow rate. A great shower head should have a flow rate of below 2.5 gallons per minute. Therefore to be able to save water, it is good to go for a shower head that has a flow rate of less than 2.5gl/m

The design of a shower head also determines whether it can save water while still maintaining optimum pressure. There are shower heads that come with a small compact head while others use air pressure system. The choice depends on the user’s preference.

Checking the quality is another thing that should help a consumer purchases the best low flow shower head. There are product reviews online which are informative based on users experiences with the products.

Some of the best low flow shower heads

– High Sierra 1.5 GPM high efficiency low flow shower head

– Niagara earth massage 1.5 GPM shower head

– Delta water amplifying shower head

– Flowise 3 Function Showerhead


Using a good low flow shower heads helps a user to save both water and energy bills. Water conservation translates to environmental conservation.