Cross-European Initiative: Connect Green Politicians on Fundamental Environmental Issues


Cross-European InitiativeEnvironmental issues and challenges do not know boundaries. Addressing environmental challenges has always been a priority area across Europe. It is an issue that calls for cooperation since no European country or politician can address it single handedly. Therefore, for an efficient fight against environmental degradation, European countries and politicians have decided to work together through a combined initiative.

In 2004

Back in 2004, a European neighborhood policy highlighted the important nature of the challenge. Environmental degradation does not know any boundaries, and the best way to address it is through combined international and regional efforts. With a cross-European initiative, there is enhanced environmental protection. Citizens receive benefits of living a pollution free environment.

Ten years on, the cross-European initiative has grown stronger. It has recently been translated into far reaching cooperation of green politicians who believe in the same agenda of environmental protection. To achieve the objectives of this initiative, action plans have been adopted. These promote good environmental practices among the countries which are represented by the green politicians.

Cross-European InitiativePromoting good environmental governance translates to good human health. Health conditions that occur as a result of environmental pollution will be greatly reduced. There will better and efficient use of natural resources. Priorities for the cross-European initiative on fundamental environmental issues include waste management, water quality, climate change, natural disaster prevention, and preparedness.

In a report produced by the European commission in 2012, environmental cooperation was proceeding well among the countries represented by the green politicians. The green politicians have also taken major steps to improve legislation related to environmental issues. Green politicians have urged their countries to strengthen environmental cooperation through developing consistent environmental impact assessments and ensure public participation.

The fight against environmental degradation can only be won if improvement in environmental governance is undertaken across the region. This will ensure that environmental laws are enforced and fully complied with.

Green politicians in the European Union have had a longstanding legal commitment to tackle environmental dimensions through cross-cutting policies. The importance of cross-cutting environmental efforts cannot be under-estimated. A number of projects have already been funded by member countries and well wishers geared towards a green Europe.

Reducing environmental risks and degradation and promotion of sustainable natural resource use are key pillars of the cross-European initiative. Green politicians share a range of regional and global efforts towards fighting pollution. Key challenges being addressed include water and air quality, nature conservation, waste management, land use, energy use, and dealing with excessive pollution.

As such, the cross-European initiative has taken several measures to ensure that multilateral environment agreements and environmental legislation have been fully implemented. This is meant to provide support for prioritization and strategic planning to deal with scarce resources and ease the burden of human activities on the environment.

The initiative has also supported establishment of Environmental Protection Centers. These are meant to enhance a cross-cutting cooperation among the green politicians and their countries. There has also been technical assistance provided to individuals or groups who share the same vision of addressing fundamental environmental issues.


The fight against pollution and environmental degradation cannot be won by an individual. Cooperation is required for the exchange of ideas and pooling financial resources. It is on this premise that the cross-European initiative operates.