Benefits of Energy Efficient Tankless Water Heaters


Benefits of Energy Efficient Tankless Water HeatersHeating water can account for about 30% of a home’s energy demands. As a result, finding any method that can assist one to cut down on their energy needs is highly appreciated. The tankless water heaters do exactly that. These models have many benefits to offer homeowners. Anyone who wants to overhaul their water heating system should consider one of these water heaters.

The tankless water heaters only work when the water is required. By the end of a single year, homeowners could almost cut in half their water heating expenses. This should be the biggest pull for a homeowner to install a tankless water heater.

The other advantage is that they have a longer lifespan. Tank based water heater suffer from many problems. In addition, the parts used are quite expensive to replace. As a result, when the water heater loses something, it is cheaper to buy a whole unit. This means that tank water heaters have a very short lifespan.

Benefits of Energy Efficient Tankless Water HeatersOn the other hand, tankless systems can last for up to twenty years. If they undergo regular checkups, they can last even longer. In addition, if they do ever require repairs, most of the parts are quite cheap. For instance, an electric tankless water heater uses common spare parts, which can be got from a radio shack.

The other area of concern is the safety of the system. Tankless systems have an excellent record of accomplishment of safety. The reason for this is that they only work when needed. As a result, if there is a problem with the system, there will be someone to realize it. However, tank water heaters operate continually. Even if a problem developed, there would be no way for one to realize it until it was too late.

Tankless water heaters are also quite reliable. This can help to save a user countless hours in a year. With tank water heaters, one has to wait for the unit to heat up some stored water. This could take forever, depending on whether the water was very cold. With a tankless system, one does not have to worry about this. The system heats water immediately one needs it. This can be quite convenient for those who are in a rush.

The tankless water heaters come with lower upfront costs. For instance, if one lives in a small home, small unit costs little. This can be quite advantageous for people experiencing a cash crunch. Combined with the energy savings, this can give one time to save enough to buy a bigger tankless system. They also occupy little space. This can free up space for use in a home when one installs a tankless water heater. It also eliminates the need to have specially modified rooms to store the tank water heater.


Installing a tank or tankless water heater is a matter of personal preference. However, people who install these units have nothing but praise for them. In addition, these units come with recyclable parts. As a result, one is also contributing positively to the environment when they purchase these units.