5 Things to Consider When Getting a Hot Tub


5 Things to Consider When Getting a Hot TubA hot tub is meant to provide users with many years of enjoyment. However, the tricky part is comes in finding the perfect one for personal needs. There are a number of things to take into account before getting one and reading and learning about the various types of hot tubs, such as portable or inflatable, as well as learning about water usage and how the hot tub will fit into the environment are important things to consider. Reading about hot tubs online on sites such as the Inflatable Hot Tub Report is a good start before visiting a local retailer to see the hot tub and get more detail on the type you want.

Water care and maintenance system

Maintaining the water in the hot tub is important. This is both for health and enjoyment purposes. It is also advisable to determine the type of sanitizing system to use. The most common chemical sanitizer used in hot tubs is bromine. There are also automatic options, ionizers, ozonators, and mineral systems that automatically sanitize the water by dispersing the chemical. There are several water care methods offered by manufacturers.

Massage type and number of jets

There are people who prefer soft water back rubs while others for the more aggressive types of water jets. Although people assume that more jets are better, their adjustability, type and positioning should also be considered.

It is first important to identify the area of the body where massage therapy is mostly needed. After that, determine that number of jets preferred. For those who opt to use their baths with others, they the bath purchased should have options for each individual.

Installation location

5 Things to Consider When Getting a Hot TubA hot tub can be placed in different locations in a home such as gazebo, deck and in ground. However, the hot tub should be installed in a location with a firm level foundation. If the hot tub is to be installed in an existing room, then it should first be determined whether it can fit through the doorways.

As much as an indoor hot tub provides convenience, it is important to ensure there is proper ventilation. Build up of excess humidity can lead to structural damage to the house. If the hot tub is to be placed on a wooden deck, then the total weight of the spa, filled with water and total weight of expected users should be identified first.

Intended use of the hot tub

For those who want calm, quiet, and stress free soaking in the hot tub, then they should go for ones that have Zen like features. This includes, soothing bubbling systems, relaxing jets, contoured seating, and maybe a water fall for complete fun. If the hot tub is to be used for entertaining friends, then a model that has plenty of seating should be the best. It is not necessary to go for the largest hot tub but one that can seat up to eight adults.

There are some clients looking for hot tubs to help them through the rehabilitation process from injuries or surgeries. In such a situation, the person should purchase one designed specifically for such purposes. These have been developed with the input from health and medical professionals with helpful features.

Water conservation

Hot tubs are known to waste a lot of water. This is due to the fact that the water that gets used runs to municipal sewage system and thus wasted. However, there are some designs with inbuilt systems that can recycle the used water to be used again. This should be an important factor to consider. A hot tub with water recycling features will conserve water which means fewer bills.


A hot tub is a long term investment which requires huge capital outlay. As such, it is important to consider major factors before getting one. This saves unnecessary waste of money.