3 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Faucets


3 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying FaucetsWhether you are buying a new faucet for your remodeling plan or replacing an old one, there are a few things to keep in mind. Faucets come in different forms and models. However, there exist very few performance differences among the different brands and models.

Faucet features

Majority of the sinks have mounting holes that have been drilled specifically for faucets. The number of holes in the sink should match with the faucet being bought. Extra holes in the sink can also be covered with a base plate. It is not advisable to try and drill holes in an existing counter top or sink.

There are in-faucet filters that play an important role in filtering water from the tap. There are also some faucets that come with soap counters, read more about that over at the Kitchen Faucet Center. These are very useful in reducing unnecessary clutter in the kitchen. Some faucet varieties also come with hot water dispensers for pot filling and hot beverages.

Spout style is another feature to consider in a faucet. There are straight sprout faucets that are quite affordable. There are gooseneck models which provide high clearances. However, gooseneck models are not advisable for sinks that are shallow since they may lead to splashing and water wastage. The choice made should ensure that the faucet head swings enough in order to reach whole sink.

Handles and sink use

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying FaucetsIt is easy to use and install single handle faucets. Their handle can be installed to the side or attached to the faucet. Those faucets that come with two handles have them designed for cold water and hot water respectively.

There are also hands-free faucets that give the kitchen a new dimension. They can be motion-oriented or touch and come with controls for both temperature and volume. These are faucets that can conserve a lot of water thus an ideal choice for those homes with kids.

The use of the sink should also be an important thing to keep in mind when buying faucets. There are those who wash a lot of bulky pans and pots. There are those who use faucets for bathing babies. It is recommended to purchase a faucet with a high arc to make the tasks more comfortable. For those with enough room in their kitchen, they can install a bar prep faucet attaching it at the side of the sink. This makes it convenient to separate vegetables and meat when cooking.

Faucet installation and repair

Faulty or improperly installed faucets can create leakages and loss of water. It is advisable to install faucets and sinks at the same time to ensure that the holes match. Faucets should also come with fittings that can be adjusted with a screwdriver for easy installation.

Faucet installations can be done in two ways. There is the top-mount and the bottom mount. Top mount faucets are attached with screws from beneath the counter. Bottom mount faucets are attached through the top with screws. The mode of installation or mounting chosen should be easy to do and compatible with the sink.


Faucets provide a great deal of uses in the kitchen. Before buying one, there are some few factors to consider. Faucets should also be a great way of saving water in the house.